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AMSA Certificates

What is an AMSA Certificate of Survey?
Generally, vessels are required to have a certificate of survey to operate as a commercial vessel in Australia. Surveys check that a domestic commercial vessel is compliant with Australian laws and standards.

What is involved in getting an AMSA Certificate of Survey? 
Every vessel with a certificate of survey needs to be surveyed when the certificate is renewed. Some vessels also need to be surveyed periodically during the life of the certificate. The certificate will include a schedule of required surveys over a certain period of time. 

The conditions noted on the certificate must be complied with at all times. It is an offence to operate a vessel in breach of a condition on its certificate of survey.

Who can perform the inspection required for an AMSA Certificate of Survey?
Your vessel can be surveyed by an accredited marine surveyor who is accredited to perform the category of surveying being conducted.

The information on these certificates are used in rating a Commercial Hull policy along with ensuring the vessel is legally able to operate and any conditions that may apply. 


What is an AMSA Certificate of Operation?
A certificate of operation sets out the conditions under which a domestic commercial vessel must operate, including: details of the vessel. how and where the vessels can operate along with other conditions AMSA considers necessary due to the nature of either a vessel or an operation.

What is the purpose of AMSA (Australian Maritime Safety Authority)?
AMSA is Australia's national regulatory body in the maritime sector. Their role is to promote the safety and protection of the marine environment, maintain the national search & rescue service for the maritime sector and the enforcement of the safe operation of ships/vessels. 

Why do we ask for the AMSA Certificate of Operation for Commercial Vessels? 
When looking at a Commercial Vessel risk we need to know what the vessel is legally registered to do and where it can operate. We may be advised that a vessel is being used for Skipper Charters (Tourism) when in fact it is only registered as a commercial fishing vessel. 

The Class of Operation on the COO will give us information on what the vessel is registered to do along with the navigational limits it can operate in. This is information used in assessing and rating the risk.


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