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Marine Insurance; Simplified

Quay Marine Insurance was established with the Broker Market in mind. In todays insurance world we all need quotes for our clients quickly and efficiently. After years in the Broking world we realised this is hard to come by. 

Quay Marine has launched a broker portal allowing our brokers to obtain real time quotes for their marine risks. We strongly believe the efficiency and ease along with competitive premiums will be a game changer for the marine insurance world. 

 We pride ourselves on being innovative in conceptualising, structuring, and developing new products whilst always striving to preserve premium competitiveness and provide broad policy coverage. 

By streamlining our internal and external processes we can provide our brokers with the best service possible. We strive for continuous improvement and as such can offer our valued brokers the capability of contacting us through live online chat and their broker portals. 

Quay Marine provides insurance issued by NTI Limited along with access to International P&I Clubs. 


Don't have access to our online quoting system? Register below to start obtaining quotes for your clients.

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