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Not sure what information to collect from your client, do you have something a little outside the square? Let us help.
  • How do I get access to the online quoting system?
    For access to our exclusive Online Broker Portal, click HERE to register your brokerage.
  • Am I able to get a quote instantly?
    Yes! In most cases you will be able to get an instant online quote. There may be some instances where the information provided on a certain risk does require a referral to be looked at. Our team will get back to you within 24 hours on any referrals.
  • How do I bind cover once my client has accepted the quote?
    You can execute a Bind Cover Request by clicking HERE. Alternatively, this option is available through Manage Policy on the website or email
  • Can the public obtain quotes from Quay Marine?
    No, Quay Marine Insurance only provides insurance policies for Brokers and Authorised Reps of National Cluster Groups. We will not provide a quote to the direct public.
  • I need to request a COC for a current policy held by Quay Marine, how do I do this?
    To can obtain a COC by clicking HERE to make your request. Alternatively, this option is available through Manage Policy on our website or email
  • I have a risk that doesn't fit the online requirements, can I still get a quote?
    Of course, email us through a quote slip to . One of our marine experts will get in contact with you ASAP to assist!
  • Where can I find information on your online platform and/or products.
    Check out The Quay Marine Knowledge Centre, all the info you need to get online quotes, understand marine insurance and get the knowledge to pass onto your client. Find the Knowledge Centre Here
  • How do I log a support request for the online platform?
    You can log a support request HERE, we will endeavour to fix any issues for you as soon as we can!
  • How do I lodge a claim for my client?
    To lodge a claim or make a claim enquiry you can email us at For urgent assistance you can call 07 3370-2555.
  • Can I renew my client's policy online?
    At this stage renewals are not available online, However this feature will be available in the near future. We will update you when it is available.
  • My quote was referred, what do I do now?
    We aim to get all quotes finalised and back to you within 24 hours
  • How do I make a mid-term endorsement?
    We aim to give you full control – Click HERE to access an Endorsement Request. Alternatively, you can request documents and make changes to your client’s policy via Manage Policy.
  • What is the different between local Protection & Indemnity cover and Shipowners Protection & Indemnity cover?
    Shipowners Protection & Indemnity offers broader cover and higher limits. In addition to the standard third party liabilities encountered in the commercial operation of the entered vessel/s, additional liabilities, expenses and costs that can be covered include but not limited to: Off vessel activities, quarantine, environmental damage, swimming and snorkeling / diving risks, specialist operations and incidental salvage, towage contracts and unmanned underwater vehicles & remotely operated vehicles.
  • We recommend having a policy on an Agreed Sum Insured Value; Why?
    In the event of a total loss and your Sum Insured is at a “Sum Insured Limit” the insurer will value the vessel at the time of the incident. If the market at the time determines that the value of your vessel is lower than your sum insured value, your insurer will only agree to pay the lower amount up to a maximum of the Sum Insured Value. In contrast, if your sum insured is at an “Agreed Value”, in the event of a total loss, this is the value that the insurer will pay for your vessel An Agreed Value policy avoids you being over or under insured for your vessel and potentially paying an excess premium
  • How do I get in contact with Quay Marine Insurance?
    24/7 Assistance is Available – If you are unable to perform your request via the Broker Portal, you can email anytime, prompt a conversation via ‘Let’s Chat’ on our webpage or call 07 3370-2555.

Don't have access to our online quoting system? Register below to start obtaining quotes for your clients.

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